What The JG Wore: Moar Colin

Oh, Colin, you sure are an individualist. I would go so far as to say that he is the most underrated character in the series, aside from our dear Kenny, of course. We have here some of the classic Colin moments from acid-bright delights in ‘Interface’ (complete with ‘contrasting’ Cons), the famous bunny suit of ‘A Night In’, the typical hideous shirt-and-suit combo plus shmoozing face we are used to (here from ‘Deadline’) and possibly the best of them all, the footy kit of ‘There Are Crocodiles’. The last one especially I refuse to see as anything other than revolutionary, cutting-edge sartorial brilliance. The special features that come with the complete series on DVD tells us that Paul Reynolds was allowed to do his own hair for the show, but one wonders if he also played a part with the wardrobe. All hail Colin!