DCI Litton- An Armed Bastard Retrospective

As those among you lovely things who follow my main blog will know, I am also a bit of an ‘Ashes to Ashes’ fanatic and during my recent, traumatic re-watchings, I was reminded that Lee Ross had also infiltrated this world (he first turned up in ‘Life On Mars’, of which A2A is the sequel series). With his ‘tache and cheap grey PU loafers, he plays DCI Litton; a greasy Mancunian man’s man who eventually comes good. I won’t cap this any more extensively unless requested, but I wanted my lovelies to see what Kenny would look like all grown up and got up like an 80s man-whore. That and I wanted to reclaim the ‘Press Gang’ tag from all of those random posts about naval impressment (WTF, kids!?! Get another tag!).

I shall bring you more posts soon, dears. In the meantime, please do feel free to communicate with me and poke and prod me into the open. Also, welcome to all of those new followers who are joining our happy little huddle.