What The JG Wore: Moar Colin

Oh, Colin, you sure are an individualist. I would go so far as to say that he is the most underrated character in the series, aside from our dear Kenny, of course. We have here some of the classic Colin moments from acid-bright delights in ‘Interface’ (complete with ‘contrasting’ Cons), the famous bunny suit of ‘A Night In’, the typical hideous shirt-and-suit combo plus shmoozing face we are used to (here from ‘Deadline’) and possibly the best of them all, the footy kit of ‘There Are Crocodiles’. The last one especially I refuse to see as anything other than revolutionary, cutting-edge sartorial brilliance. The special features that come with the complete series on DVD tells us that Paul Reynolds was allowed to do his own hair for the show, but one wonders if he also played a part with the wardrobe. All hail Colin!

DCI Litton- An Armed Bastard Retrospective

As those among you lovely things who follow my main blog will know, I am also a bit of an ‘Ashes to Ashes’ fanatic and during my recent, traumatic re-watchings, I was reminded that Lee Ross had also infiltrated this world (he first turned up in ‘Life On Mars’, of which A2A is the sequel series). With his ‘tache and cheap grey PU loafers, he plays DCI Litton; a greasy Mancunian man’s man who eventually comes good. I won’t cap this any more extensively unless requested, but I wanted my lovelies to see what Kenny would look like all grown up and got up like an 80s man-whore. That and I wanted to reclaim the ‘Press Gang’ tag from all of those random posts about naval impressment (WTF, kids!?! Get another tag!).

I shall bring you more posts soon, dears. In the meantime, please do feel free to communicate with me and poke and prod me into the open. Also, welcome to all of those new followers who are joining our happy little huddle.

What The JG Wore: Entrepreneurial Edition

You didn’t think I’d forgotten about Colin in ‘A Night In’, did you, my loves? The future boss of The Gaz is forced by his mother to don a bunny costume (note the Ping for a nose) and is trapped in it through a series of misadventures including a frantic dash from the law and accidentally wandering into the funeral of a would-have-been business contact. Aside from the tender, heroic side we discover later on, this is exactly why we love ‘Press Gang’s zany concrete cowboy.

What The JG Wore: Junior Edition

Tiddler, we learn in ‘A Night In’, is a budding fashionista as well as Lynda wannabe. Apparently, this marvel of eye-straining hues is of her own creation even down to her earrings; which I’m sure everyone can pick as some of Colin’s Pings. Loathe as I am to endorse this ensem-bleurgh in any way, we must give the girl snaps for running with a theme and wearing something readable to work. Now, let us all go find something in a nice shade of beige or olive in aid of resting our weary colour-receptors.